Vine News 2019

The 2019 vintage is just 4 weeks away (weather dependent). Our sparkling will be picked towards the end of February; the remainder of the fruit is generally harvested during the month of March.  Send us a contact form if you would like to know the definite dates, perhaps you would like to try your hand at picking!

The season has been an interesting one (as they all are); nature offers us something different every year to provide variety and uniqueness to each vintage!  After a very wet spring with abundant leaf growth, many consecutive days of high humidity occurred in December creating conditions for mildew growth & January has experienced temperatures in the high 30’s & low 40’s.

The vineyard is looking very healthy with the Chardonnay vines extremely lush creating a lovely view from the cellar door!  The green canopy has provided shelter from the burning sun and the health of the vines will ensure the grapes ripen perfectly.

For the Pinot Noir lovers, the vines are again experiencing the struggle so typical of the variety.  The crop is very low and Irrigation is critically managed to ensure the vines have sufficient canopy to protect the grapes from sunburn and ripen the fruit to veraison.  Subsequent irrigation usually only occurs in certain areas if there is no natural rainfall or to ensure the vines are photosynthesising until harvest.

The Pinot Gris – our dream child – is usually not fazed by what the weather throws at it and irrigation is kept to a constant minimum through-out the season, again to ensure enough leaf canopy to ripen the fruit.  The Pinot Gris vines are naturally very robust and sufficient canopy is never really an issue; in fact, too much canopy can cause unwanted vegetative characteristics whilst providing too much shade cover inhibiting ripening.

Looking forward to reporting in on the actual vintage conditions and the types of wines expected from it.  It is our aim to send you at least two newsletters per year but we do not have a very good track record!  We are very passionate about where we live and hope to share as many positive aspects of the Region with you.  With Hamilton being so central in the Western District, it is a great place to base yourselves if you are interested in exploring the Grampians, the Coast, Coonawarra & Limestone Coast Wine Regions and most importantly the Henty Wine Region; or if you are fortunate to actually live here, to explore with your visitors & family!!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

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